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BCX Data

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BCX Data

BCX Data offers the most comprehensive and accurate dataset in the cryptocurrency industry.

BCX uses three proprietary indexes along with standard measurements to gauge the value of any currency, allowing you to make informed decisions without having to deep dive into the crypto world.


The Total Crypto Momentum Index offers investors and fund managers a way to get greater returns on cryptocurrency investments without the need to understand every crypto project.

The index focuses on momentum, one of the most powerful predictors of market returns, as well as market capitalization and proprietary data on real world usage and developer engagement gathered from thousands of touch-points across the web. Using a combination of these criteria, the TCIM enables investors to quantitatively re-balance portfolios of liquid cryptocurrency assets and get the greatest returns in the winner-takes-all market dynamic so common to new technologies


The Developer Interest Index, gives at a glance, an overview of how much developer interest there is in a crypto currency project. By learning about the contributions from developers, we can gauge if a project will rapidly develop in improvements, or not.

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