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About Blockchain Holdings Ltd.

Through our proprietary portal, Blockchain Holdings gives traders and developers a way to quantitatively measure the value of cryptocurrencies and alt-coins.

This portal captures the myriad of different blockchains available, and we use meaningful data to reveal valuable cryptocurrencies ready for investment on a clean and approachable platform.

We offer unique insights into the growing ecosystem of crypto-assets, allowing asset managers to access our data directly, while large funds can connect programmatically to our system.

Our proprietary technology includes the BCX Total Crypto Momentum Index, which offers investors a way to capture a greater returns without the need to understand every crypto project.

Meanwhile, our Developer Interest Index measures how committed open source developers are to a project, so investors can make informed decisions about a project’s financial viability.

And our Anti-Money Laundering Index is a black market money tracking tool allowing investors to get accurate estimates of the coins being used for both legal and illegal activities.

Available on a subscription or pay-as-you-go basis, our portfolio of proprietary tools aims to give investors and fund managers the edge they need in this expanding and explosive market.

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